Key Advantages in the Button Position

In poker, having the last bet is an advantage. This is called the button position and not only does everyone have to bet before you, but it is easier to calculate what types of hands they may have based on their bets.

Betting Advantages

At the button position you can raise the pot by quite a bit and cause others to fold if you feel their hands are weak based on their previous bets. It also gives you the option of folding your hand instead of risking more money if the bets before you have been rather ambitious. When you are right before the button position, you can often place a fairly significant bet and cause the player in the button position to fold because they believe you have a good hand.

Strategy and Analysis

Sitting in the button position or right before it allows you to not only bet heavily when you do have a good hand, but also place large bets when you don't, as other players may believe a good bluff if you're consistent. If you haven't bet too much, you can always slow down a little or fold if you believe others players have better hands. Watch out for aggressive players, as they can be just as clever as you are. Cautious players who continually raise during betting is a good sign they have a winning hand in that round of play.

It is wise to try and anticipate what other players are going to do based on their mannerisms and betting strategies in previous hands. In this manner, you can gauge whether you feel their hand can beat what you have and if bluffing might not be successful.