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Backgammon Basics

Online backgammon rules is understanding basic consist of moving your pieces across the board before your opponent moves theirs. When the pieces of the game are dispersed you have to wise to play and they can be hit or blocked by your opponent. Backgammon games do not take long to complete and the game is often played as a set number of matches with the winner being the one who wins more games in either the predetermined set or the time limit that was set.

Board Structure

there are 12 triangles called points is Strategies that compromise each side of the backgammon board. The points are numbered from 1 through 24. The players will place 2 pieces on the 24 points, 3 on the 8 points, and 5 on each of the 6 and 13 points. The player's Key Advantages will then move their pieces in opposite directions moving their pieces down from 24 points to the 1 point. The site offers quick access to casino reviews. However, the casino reviews don't simply deal with random sites. All the casinos have been carefully selected based on user ratings and popularity. Find out what our reviewers think about them. You'll get an honest opinion.

Moving Pieces

Each player will roll a dice at the start of the game and the player that rolls the higher number will move his piece first and have promotional offers.. The dice has to land flat and on the right side of the board. Players will then take turns rolling the dice. Players can only move their pieces the exact number rolled. In addition, a piece can only be moved to a point that is unoccupied or with a piece that is the same color. You can also place a piece on a point that is occupied by an opponent's piece, but only if there is only one piece on that point.